Was chilling then felt the haptic feed back triggering on my watch. Looked at it and someone was scrolling through looking at my fitness and health app and trying to get my personal info. Also they where trying to get into my photos. I stared pressing the button to return home and they popped up the keyboard and typed “We are in control”. Then the stared to set alarms and checking my location. So I tried to take the watch off so it locks. Then they started to type in my password so the knew the numbers just not the order. They guessed wrong, so it locked for 1 min and then I factory rest it and unpaired it. And reset all my passwords

Apple Watch Ultra 2,

watchOS 10

Posted on Feb 1, 2024 5:25 PM

Posted on Feb 3, 2024 9:47 AM

My wife’s Ultra 2 smart watch was also hacked yesterday February 2 at around 4:30pm est. Her watch has mobile service. I can’t be certain but I don’t believe it was accessed by wifi, or at least wifi alone. Coincidently she did receive a call just before the incident and may have been related to the gaining access to the watch. We considered the caller a spammer and was calling to provide financial aid for debt. We hung up immediately. It was crazy and very upsetting. Soon after, the watch started acting on its own and was pinging her iPhone. Once she took the watch off it started trying to log in to the watch using different codes. Fortunately it failed and was locked out. Then we struggled to figure out what to do next – mainly trying to power it down. The power button in the upper right corner did not work. Finally going for the reset worked – pressing the crown and holding in the side button until the reset option was shown. We are carefully resetting everything using other devices that do not appear to have been compromised. Any information about this event and any steps or precautions to take would be appreciated.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Hacked